Markbacken, Örebro

Artistic director: Saadia Hussain

Amina Abdiiwali,
Najiib Ahmed Daahir
Safia Bashir
Sheriff Camara
Yonnis Muuse
Zakaria Omer
Jamilla Zimmermann
Hanna Överängen

Art educator: Kata Wennberg

Assisting artist: Alexander Creutz

The tunnel to the future is a collective art project planned and designed by Saadia Hussain and co-created eight young people from different parts of Örebro as part of their summer job.

A kaleidoscopic design with stenciled patterns are mixed with improvised shapes. The walls are colorful and ornamental, decorative and at the same time charged with strong symbols. The richness of detail allows the bypasser to discover new things in the painting.

The tunnel, which is located right next to Tegelbruket connects two districts. It is one of the two tunnels that the municipality wanted to make safer and more pleasant with the help of art. The tunnel to the future is now a place for a paus, to stop in, a public place for reflection and inspiration.

The project has been carried out in a collaboration between Tegelbruket, Partnerskap Örebro, ÖBO, Örebro municipality and Örebro Konsthall.